Saturday, January 26, 2013

How cigarettes work in Germany

Cigarettes in Deutschland:

So apparently all cigarettes cost the same price all the time (at least from the vending machines in south Germany)  they just change the amount of cigs you get so in America we get like 20 cigs always per pack and the price changes but here the price stays the same and the amount of cigarettes changes... interesting. At first I was like WTF only 19?? I must have gotten ripped off, but then they explained it to me. So sometimes they have 21 cigs or 17 or 19 or what ever to match the same price.

I found an article about it here. 

Interesting read.


  1. Afaik the cheapest brand is Goldfield (LIDL or ALDI not sure). They are basically rip-offs of Marlboro. (The even look much alike - red & gold for example)

    And regarding menthol cigarettes

  2. I never understood the appeal of menthol cigarettes but I've noticed a lot of americans smoke menthol. Is there a reason for this or is it only the taste you like? Would you say you're a regular smoker or do you only smoke for pleasure? I smoked maybe 5 menthols in my life and it just didn't do it for me. They felt so ultra light I'd have to chain smoke to get satisfied.

    btw great blog - found it on reddit and hope you keep posting. I find it very interesting what people from other cultures notice about my own culture.


    1. Thank you, yes I have noticed not as many people smoke menthol here in Europe. I guess i got started when I started smoking camel crush. They first came out when I was about 17 years old and ended up liking menthol after that, the way they were packaged was for sure targeted towards younger people.

  3. lol the cheapest is local polish cigarets smuggler.

    but if you ask me.just stop smoking. the shit is way to costly in health and money meaning.
    beside that german girls don't really like smokers. and don't smoke in the rooms. your landlord will hate you for that.

  4. Oh well I'm german and didn't know that...interesting.

  5. I love how every carton says in huge font "SMOKING CAN KILL YOU"

  6. I smoke the same P.M Menthol and i live in Germany for quite sometimes. It has always been 19 ciggs. inside the box since the first day i came here and i believe it always will be. I think what they were trying to tell you is, there is ciggs. box in XL or XXL size and that cost differently.

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