Saturday, January 26, 2013


Well you know im in Germany when we eat pretzels for breakfest...


  1. never did that. we ususaly eat brötchen or pfankuchen. Bretzeln are more like party snack or on the way with beer.

  2. I saw your picture on reddit and remembered hans christian' s grandmother chasing us to get the air rifle, great him from wolfgang

  3. Nooo waay @ anonymous#1!
    I'm Frankonian - from Nürnberg - and I could easily live from Brezn (the Nurembergian spelling ;D) all day long and especially for breakfast!!!
    Hey, if you ever go to Nürnberg (city of my choice & my heart) you HAVE TO eat Kolb-Brezn! Get them, for example, at the mainstation. Brezn seriously are the love of my life...........

    Greetings from reddit!

  4. I eat brezen (seriously, who came up with that "pretzel" shit? :)) every day. They're awesome :) and definitely not a party snack, it's more like an alternative to bread or sandwiches etc. At least here in Bavaria.