Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Swabian–Alemannic Fastnacht (Carnival):

This carnival thing is very important here. It is very popular with the kids (they all dress up like it is Halloween) It hasn't stated yet but the beautiful festivities are already here.

For more info:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swabian%E2%80%93Alemannic_Fastnacht


  1. so if you're gonna tell your US buddies about it you should mention that in northern and eastern germany carneval is nothing like the carneval in south and especially the west (around Köln/colonia).

    1. i can't speak for all of eastern germany, but in my region carneval (usually called "Fasching" here) is pretty much the same as you see in cologne

    2. Haha, ihr nennt es "Fasching" und vergleicht es mit Kölle. 0_o

  2. If you are in this region so close to Switzerland you have to go the "Morgenstraich" in Basel. It starts 18th Feb 4 AM - the start of the Basler Fasnacht - very dramatic, political and beautiful.