Monday, February 25, 2013

Hey guys! sorry for the lack of posts!

I have been in/around Munich for the last few days. Going 135 miles per hour on the autobahn and stuff getting crazy at the clubs! Shitty thing is though im like 20 km out side of one of the biggest cities in Germany right now and there is NO cell service. Apparently cell service in Germany sucks so everyone uses there cellphone with the internet and uses stuff like "WhatsApp" for "texting"

Will post soon!


  1. O2 and Eplus suck most of the time and you have no reception pretty much everywhere. The other services are ok.
    "WhatsApp" is mostly used to get around sending SMS so nobody has to pay for it.

  2. What Service Provider do you have?

    'Cause unless you're in the middle of nowhere in a deep valley you should get decent service no matter what. It's really odd.

  3. What network are you on?
    I am pretty sure cell service does not suck in Germany.
    BTW to use "Whatsapp" for texting you'd need some sort of Internet connection ;-P ... which would be superior to GSM only