Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Country?

Since when is Germany "MY COUNTRY" I live here but I am still an american and i bet damn well this video is available in "MY COUNTRY" America.


  1. This is youtube, right? In the address, right before "youtube" and after "www." add the leters "ss". It brings you to another site but it lets you view the video. I have a great spyware program on my computer and have had no issues with doing it this way in my 2 years here. Hope it helps!

  2. I always imagine a sneer in the words "your country" when I read this!
    Also frustrating is when you want to buy someone for someone on a US website and they won't take your dirty foreign credit card, which is just weird when you're using a site in your own home country.

  3. Read: Your country of residence ;)

    Use Proxtube, a nice little FF-Addon that unblocks videos automatically.

  4. use this

    or this