Tuesday, March 26, 2013

German transportation:

This is the S-Bahn in Munich. It is by far the cleanest public transportation i have ever been on, in fact all of Munich and so far most all of Germany is so clean. This is nothing like the BART in San Francisco. I dont understand why more people dont live here. Low unemployment, thriving economy, very clean, beautiful buildings and scenery, Hot girls bringing you beer, great bear and food, just a train ride from many historical cities and castles, many things to do. This city is amazing.
Also many people are not driving as much as what i saw in the states, many people are very active, even the elderly people are always out walking and many people are riding bikes. I use to have stress and a hard time falling asleep, then i moved to Germany and got on a normal schedule, was active during the day and now i slept like a baby at night and have deep meaningful conversations with my host families and friends over a glass of wine. But seriously i would recommend you become active and take up a sport if you find yourself stressed or not being able to fall asleep at night and wake up tired. Buy a bike or something like this.


  1. Living in Munich is quite expensive, actually the whole metropolitan area is one of the most expensive areas to live in. Plus you'd have to endure bavarians (outside of munich). ;)

  2. You saw a great bear? Normally we shoot them immediately. (poor Bruno, RIP)
    Yes, Munich is a lovely city. I really like it too, but sadly there is no chance I'm able to move there in the near future.