Thursday, March 28, 2013

Videos and other thoughts:

I have some footage already and would like to start making and editing videos about my time here in Germany. Most of my readers want me to do this, the only problem is editing and making quality videos is time consuming and time is money.

This weekend i will be testing somethings out and hopefully get a good video log going but doing this takes up much of my free time and a much as i love it, and love showing you my experiences here in Germany i need to make some small income to balance my work load.

You will notice i am trying the whole adsense thing and have put a few up but i doubt it will make any impact at all, also i get commissions for sales from this store which has an array of America <3 Germany merchandise which I actually think some are quite cool.

Anyway i will do my best to supply quality content about my travels and impressions and hopefully be able to travel more and provide more content but unfortunately my income from working online must become more steady if i am to travel and show my readers the world. So lets see what happens and many thanks to all my readers!

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