Saturday, April 13, 2013


Today my host mother cooked some good chicken very quickly in the oven using a bag. I have never seen this done before but it was great, the bag is a plastic heat resistant back that also contains the "sauce" like onions and carrots and other spices that the chicken cooks in for about an hour. I have been learning many ways and many new things to cook and i loved this idea because it was good, it was cheap and there was no mess because of the oven bag.

 I do not know why I haven't seen this in America. It is very efficient and there is no mess! Usually when i see chicken being cooked in an oven like this, it is cooked in a pan, but with this bag, you don't get the chicken dry, it cooks faster and there is no mess. This is something i am finding out to be the one of the most valuable things I am learning in Germany.  How to cook cheap and efficient good food.  To feed 3 people and 2 dogs it costs us around 100$ a week for everything. This is such a great learning experience for later in life.

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