Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Old friends and new friends:

As I continue my adventure in Germany. I continue to meet many new people and have been making friends. It is pretty easy so far to make friends and everyone I have met is very nice and welcoming here. I lived in south Germany for 2 months and made one good friend (Eliane -seen in the top picture with the guitar).

When i first moved down to the remote area in southern Germany, I realized it might be hard to meet friends my age. I just read a great article actually about the exodus of German youth from small villages  seen here http://www.aljazeera.com/video/europe/2013/04/201345193549766370.html. So most people i saw there were to young or too old. Although, I had to get my visa picture taken. We went to a professional photo studio to do this (that's how they roll in Germany :P). This is where I met my first and only good friend there Eliane. She was the one who took my photograph and edited it. We began to talk and noticed we obviously shared common interests, which is rare for the rural area i was in to be interested in photography and certain types of music and so on. We shared our contact info and hung out every week after that. I miss her she is such a nice girl. (In the picture I am showing her Jumper by Third Eye Blind, and Emily by From First to Last.)

Here in Hamburg as you can see from the bottom photo, it is a little more easy to meet people my age and other aupairs for that matter. Every weekend since i have been here i have gone to the 'infamous' Reeperbahn and it is crazy there. Having lived as a university student in San Francisco, I can confirm Germans here know how to party. I never saw anything like this unless it was a special event in San Francisco, but here in Germany its seems like it is almost everyday and for sure every weekend. You can almost do anything there and the bars/clubs are packed beyond capacity. Alcohol tends to be expensive but that is a no brainer in a big city with clubs like this and. Every club has it's own unique themes, I have been too irish pubs (on of my favorites by St albert's Square they have bands play live music it is great.), british pubs, latino dance clubs... you name it. Here is where i have met everyone in hamburg so far. I joined a group on facebook consisting of people in my situation (being a foreigner in Germany) and was able to establish meetups instantly. I have made quite a few friends here so far but by far my best friend here so far is Jolanda, the girl next to me and the one you can see in my VLOGS.

Hoping to meet even more people and share many more experiences with you as i go. Have a nice day, From Germany with LOVE!

Eliane learns a song with me.

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