Monday, April 1, 2013

Smoking in Germany:

Here in Germany, a lot of people smoke. An interesting fact is During the Nazi regime before and during WWII, Hitler began to ban smoking. The German scientists were the first to discover (in the 1930s) that Smoking is bad for your health, discovering many of the carcinogens. It didn't become an issue in America until the late 50s and 60s. In Hitler's memoirs he says one of the main reasons he had such a commanding will and realized his "goal" was after he threw his last pack of cigarettes into the river. If you notice, none of the Axis power leaders smoked, yet you can see all of the allied power leaders smoking heavily with each other.

Nowadays smoking is pretty common in Germany and there are many vending machines all over the roads that sell cigarettes along with many ashtray and garbages especially for cigarettes. Many of the older generation i don't see smoking (the people that would have been kids during WWII), although practically all other age groups smoke equally. Below is a picture of a designated smoking area by the U-bahn station by my new house. It is very interesting because it resembles a German cigarette pack turned on its side with the standard words of warning even written on it. These words (which are on all tabacco products) translate to "Smoking can be Deadly".

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  1. Its also interesting because it clearly resemmbles a "Lucky Strike" package. There is no way that any public money was spent on this. More probably Lucky Strike paid the city money to let them build it.