Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Time is here in Germany

Spring is here, so of course we begin our "spring cleaning". My host mother has been working in the yard and built her son a trampoline while I took four massive boxes of paper to the paper disposal bins. I had no idea how i was going to fit all of it into that box but it all worked out, the box actually went underground and had a huge compartment underneath. It was very interesting, I took some photos and a video that i may post. As I was stuffing these massive pieces of cardboard into this little box, two elderly German woman started telling me not to do that here and to go to the bigger disposal box at a different location. Of course I don't know where it is and my host mother told me to just put it in the small box so i waited for them to leave and continued cramming paper and cardboard into the small box >:)

Below is a picture of the trampoline under construction and Paulina, the newfoundland. She is about to get her summer hair cut and i cant wait to see what she looks like after, definitely the biggest dog i have seen, but such a gentle giant.

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