Friday, April 12, 2013

Update and things:

My first video blog is being uploaded to youtube right now. Sorry for the delay i got sick. It will be featuring Jolanda, she is from Slovenia, there is a picture below of the two of us (probably drunk and dancing[found it on my phone]) the night we first hungout. We had met prior but very briefly. That night we danced and had fun. By the way German clubs are a lot more fun than anything i ever went to in America. But then again i only went to clubs in SF and Reno. But yes i have been a little sick and it sucks. I will also be uploading some pictures from the forrest soon, i was going to make that in tis blog post but they were having a hard time uploading(probably since i am also uploading my first vlog. Thanks for the patience. Look forward for more content :)

1 comment:

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