Monday, April 1, 2013


Videos! New Content! A new Blog!

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Many of you may not know but My major is cinematography and motion pictures and television. Next week I will start a weekly video log and have some friends on for discussions and what not. If these videos are popular I will increase the frequency in which i post them.

Most of my discussions will be about my view on things here in germany and may expand into my thoughts on german/american politics, other travels I have in mind and over all impressions of the day and weeks I spend here. This week i will be setting up a blog with Ievgenia so she can write and post about her experiences as a Ukrainian in Germany. I can wait to get the new content started.

Hopefully you are looking forward to my videos which the first one will be posted no later then next Monday! I have included easy subscription links and ports on the right hand sidebar for you to subscribe to my blog via email or other avenue. Subscribe for new and more interesting content! I am working hard to better the content of this blog and keep my readers entertained. Look forward to richer content and videos and subscribe!

Thanks to all my readers!

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