Monday, April 22, 2013

Went to the wild life park north of Hamburg:

There was a wildlife park north of hamburg we went too on saturday for a day trip. I remember going to places like this when I was a kid in America except here in Germany it seems a lot more eco friendly.   There was even a squared off ant memorial because some kids destroyed an ant hill by poking sticks into it. They sectioned of where it happened and had the kids make a sign showing the how their reckless actions destroyed a home to thousands of little creatures (i personally that it was over the top, some kids poked in some ant holes and they memorialized the damn thing like it was holocaust #2)

Anyway, it was a nice sunny day (for once) and we took advantage of that by going to this park. We got to feed some deer see some birds all that good stuff but my favorite was the otters, pictured below. They are canadian freshwater otters, one came from a european zoo though and mated with the other one so one of them is their offspring or something, according to the park ranger. She let me feed those lil guys too, I threw them a fish. They were stoked.

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