Friday, May 24, 2013

4 months!

                    It has been four months since i've been here!

I have had my excitement! my stress :/, my ups, my downs, my happiness, my frustration, my loneliness  my doubts, my awe, my amazement and my love. I love it here and dont plan on coming back to the States anytime soon. I am growing here as a person and as a responsible adult. Looking back it seems like i just threw my old life and problems away and started over and i kind of did, one of the best decisions i have made.
I do not know what the next year or years have in store for me but i will continue to learn and explore and soak up the world during my blip of a lifespan in confined to this planet in this universe. On that note i believe in july, if everything goes to plan, which sometimes it doesn't... I will be going to Copenhagen-Denmark, More cities in Germany, Helsinki-Finland, Tallin-Estonia, Stockholm-Sweden, and St. Petersburg-Russia. So keep following me and I will share my adventures with you!

Thank you to all my readers and my Family Here are some photos which i have taken here in Germany so far, which can always be found on my photo-blog here Conor Photography

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  1. Hey! Saw your blog on reddit and wanted to drop a note that it's excellent! Congrats on getting out! My husband and I recently did the same, but from the US to Sweden. Your photos are excellent and I'm looking forward to following along with your blog. Hope all's well and continue loving Germany!