Saturday, June 8, 2013

Off topic post about reddit and /r/adviceanimals

Off topic post about Reddit.

I know many of my viewers and followers here are from reddit, one of the subreddits that I view the most is obviously /r/adviceanimals. Yesterday they made a satirical joke about the friction going on in /r/atheism by changing all of their posts to text based posts only which pretty much eliminates mobile users and the casual user who had no idea that it was a joke about a subreddit they might not even know about. Even some people who knew about /r/atheism still were not sure if it was a joke because of other stunts the mods had pulled in the past.

This was not their first shenanigan though, some of you may remember the deal with the flairs and the mods every once and awhile trying to be funny while ruining the plain experience and constant flow of quality content memes.
So. I decided to make my own subreddit which grew fast and still is with quality content where no shenanigans will be pulled.

I made this decision even though there is already a subreddit called /r/memes it is vastly different because (as being subscribed to both 
/r/memes and /r/adviceanimals) I have noticed a difference especially on the mobile. Some of the stuff hitting top page in /r/memes is pictures of memes on paper or other things like hung up at school, and for a mobile user on a tiny screen sometimes its inconvient to try and zoom to see the not so clear cut words. /r/Adviceanimals was clear cut mobile user friendly content of just straight digital images of memes.

Keep memeing on at /r/AdviceAnimalsReborn


Ps. I was also able to create my own new meme using a photo I took of a Coot.


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