Friday, January 10, 2014

There has not been much to post about since I am no currently in Europe while i wait for my residence permit.

In the USA still -_-

I came back to the US after starting a company in Slovenia for the holidays and two of my family members are not doing well health wise. I also needed to apply for Slovenian residence in the US since I am a US citizen, I thought this would take 3 months, I was awfully wrong. I wont get into it but there is a lot of BS when it comes to getting a residence permit for Slovenia. 

So now I am here, in Nevada, waiting. I have had a good holiday season even though the family situation is very shitty, but i have never felt more motivated. But yes, i will not be able to come back to Europe on the 19th, I will stay here for a while, but I can work on my company infrastructure from my computer and work a day job that pays well here (that I just got).

I will be running a new blog (mostly about my beliefs and current events with my new found perspective after visiting so many countries) which I will link to in a future post, or come back and edit this one.

You are not done with me yet though Europe, I will be back! Here have a picture of how my New years ended when I'm in the western desert of the USA. Nevada. 'merica

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